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With over 30 years in the service industry we understand what it takes to provide excellent customer service.  Our mission is to provide fresh products and customized solutions through great communication.

Professional Service

SR Vending Solutions is a complete vending management service company in Central Florida. We install vending machines, keep them stocked with your favorite inventory and take care of all the servicing and maintenance of the vending machines. We ensure to provide clean, hygienic and efficient vending machines for various facilities including hotels, schools, apartments, factories, retail stores, and offices with 40+ employees and more. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

We provide the highest quality Snack and Soda Vending Machines, Coca Cola Vending Machines, Water and Juice vending Machines, and Healthy Vending Machines too that keep the products fresh and flavorsome. Our vending machines are the perfect solution for all your snack woes!

Our snack vending machines are just what you need for your business! We provide comprehensive vending solutions. Our team of experts work tirelessly to provide you uninterrupted vending services. Our highly integrated system helps us keep the machines stocked up with fresh inventory at all times.

Our solutions are complimentary and hassle free! Call SR Vending Solutions at 407-522-3702 today for the most reliable vending service in Central Florida!

Quality Products

SR Vending solutions is home to top quality vending machines and vending management services in Central Florida. We believe in providing our customers with the finest vending machines that match their needs. We strive to provide you only the best machines that are stocked with the hygienic, healthy and nutritious snacks and meals! FRESHNESS GUARANTEED! With a huge variety of snack options to choose from, we keep replenishing and rotating the variety of foods until you find the combination that works best for your crowd.

We have specialized equipment and technology necessary to deliver the various kinds of foods and drinks to you. We ensure to provide only the best quality products and services to our customers. Our impressive variety of juices, drinks, food and snacks can work as the perfect combination for your office or school! Whether you want juices from Snapple, Welches, Ocean Spray or Tropicana – we’ve got it all!


SR Vending Solutions is your reliable, trustworthy and dependable vending solutions management service in Central Florida. We are a team of committed professionals who work together to provide you with the best vending machines in Central Florida. We strive to ensure that all our vending machines give optimal performance at all times, are always stocked and always looking fantastic. We are available 7 days a week, which means you can get in touch with us anytime to take care of your vending needs!

Our Community

At SR Vending Solutions, we work in alliance with several outreach programs to help the needs of children and families who are less privileged. We believe in working closely and giving back to others in hopes of assisting those who wish to overcome personal struggles.  By being true to our services, we are able to work with charities and Faith-Based organizations locally, nationally and worldwide. We believe that with your support, we can make a positive difference in the lives of people.