About Us

About SR Vending Solutions - Candy Vending Machine Florida - Vending Machines Florida


SR Vending Solutions is family owned and operated company. With over 30 years in the hospitality and customer service industries, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and, through the years we have discovered that nothing replaces great service.

Our Team

AT SR Vending Solutions, we have a dedicated team of expert workers who provide top quality vending management services to offices, schools and other facilities. Our team works throughout the week to provide uninterrupted vending services to you. From stocking up on your required snacks and drinks to ensuring that the vending machines are in good working condition at all times, our team constantly strives to provide you unwavering service.

Our System

Our vending management system allows us to keep track of inventory and customer preferences. Hence we are able to restock and replenish inventory accordingly. Through intelligent systems, we can get in touch with the trucks carrying the required items and direct them towards the machine that needs to be replenished. Through this highly integrated value chain, our team at SR Vending Solutions knows when to restock the machines while ensuring the products are hygienic, fresh and flavorsome at all times!

Our Objectives

  • To provide functionally sound, state of the art vending equipment
  • To provide top quality, “name brand” products at reasonable prices
  • To provide exceptional service and request response
  • To offer healthier alternatives to your employees or customers
  • To make your vending services a convenience not a hassle

We provide preventative maintenance on all vending equipment. This is essential in providing a consistent product and reliable operation of our equipment. All our service personnel guarantee a quick response to all service calls, always within 24 hours but usually the same day. The equipment we propose to install in your facility will be new or in like-new condition representing the most advanced technology in the industry.

Get In Touch With Us

Thinking of getting a snack vending machine or a drink vending machine for your office, school, or other business facility? Then call us today at 407-522-3702 for the most reliable vending services in Central Florida. We guarantee total customer satisfaction!