The summer sun is soon going to make its mark near you. With rising global temperatures each year, the heat every summer is more than the last! In these soaring temperatures, a chilled glass of water, cold drink or fresh juice is what you need to make the heat a little bearable and soothe the senses for a short while!

Stay Hydrated with Ice Vending Machines

Installing ice vending machines in your office or school can be a great way to offer customers a way to stay healthy and hydrated. A quick fix drink can boost energy and give you the punch you need to stay active for a few hours in the soaring temperatures!

SR Vending Solutions in Central Florida provides new vending machines for offices, schools and other facilities where users can vend some chilled ice cubes and some beverages too survive the summer sun! All new vending machines are equipped with top quality monitoring and vending system that signals the operator that the machine needs to be restocked, checked for maintenance, etc. These smart ice vending machines offer users fresh and chilled ice cubes from purified mineral water! So you’re hydrated and healthy!

New Vending Machines and Health Benefits

Well, the truth is: the heat in the summer can unbearable, and if your body’s not going to get enough fluids, you’re likely to become dehydrated, and that can lead to a separate set of health issues. These can include heat stroke, severe headaches and migraines, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, etc. so if you have ice vending machines near you, you can easily grab a cold glass of water or drink from the vending machine and stay hydrated at all times.

Vending Machine is a Great Investment

Installing a vending machine is a great investment for businesses in many ways. It not only offers your crowd access to chilled and purified water, and beverages round the clock, but is also a great way to ensure wellness at workplace. Employees who stay hydrated and healthy are happier employees and hence perform better at their respective jobs. Therefore, it is not only a matter of convenience, but to ensure healthy employees as well.

Why Choose Ice Vending Machines in Central Florida

SR Vending Solutions provides top quality ice vending machines in Central Florida that are clean, offer fresh and hygienic drinks and ice from purified water. We ensure the vending machines are well maintained and replenished well in time so you customers don’t leave disappointed.

Get new vending machines in Central Florida and enjoy fresh, cold water and beverages and beat the summer heat!