Out of cash? No change? Too far from the ATM? Worry not! The new name in vending technology is cashless, smart vending machine. A smart vending machine works like a smart tech machine. And that is absolutely lovely for all of us who never have enough cash on us when we need it. But we do have our smartphones, and that’s exactly what we need to vend snacks, foods, candies, beverages, etc., from the vending machine. Brilliant!

So How Does a Smart Machine Work?

Without a doubt, a cashless vending machines doesn’t take cash. So how do you pay for the products you buy from it? The answer is credit cards and smartphones. Yes, you got that right. While modern vending machines have started accepting credit cards, the more advanced version even uses mobile technology for bill payments. So even if you don’t have your plastics cards on you, be sure that you won’t go hungry! Well, just make sure you have your smartphone with you.

The machine connects with your smartphone through Wi-Fi and bills you through online payment. This technology is gaining popularity as customers are accepting it as a reliable method of payment and have started implementing it.

Smart Vending Machines for Businesses

If a vending machine is cashless, it’s great. However, if it’s smart, and can identify when the inventory levels are running low, and need to be replenished with fresh stock, it’s smart. And it is brilliant for operators. A smart vending machine, whether it vends snacks, candies, water, juice or coffee, etc., is an operator’s dream machine. It saves a lot of hassle. As soon as the stock quantity reaches under a certain number, it send a signal to the operator. This allows the operator to replenish the stock in time and avoid customer disappointment and empty shelves.

The Future of Smart Vending Machines

For now, the future of smart vending machines is shining bright. These machines are likely to become more interactive through the smart technology which will allow collecting data about customer preferences, demand and supply of inventory based on customer choice, weather, season, age, psychographics, etc. Along with that, the concept of cash accepting vending machines may go minimal, if not obsolete.

These smart vending machines are likely to reach a new level of interaction with the customer by offering discounts on payment by cash or credit card, and may even offer loyalty cards with significant discounts. And who doesn’t like a discount anyway?

Moreover, they’re changing the retail business significantly. In a few years’ time, you may not even have to go to a physical store at all. A vending machine will have all the great stuff available at retail stores. It will save time, effort and yes, and with discounts.

Whether you’re looking for vending machines in Florida for your office, retail store a good quality smart vending machine is what can give you a good vending experience. SR Vending Solutions in Florida offer a variety of smart vending machines that match your specific vending needs and requirements and are best fit for your environment and please your customers.