Our Products

SR Vending Solutions provides top quality vending machines in Central Florida and neighboring areas. Our state-of-the-art vending machines are efficient, smart and offers customers convenience and fresh products at all times.

Our smart vending machines are installed with intelligent systems that collect data and inform us about customer preferences during different times of the day and year. These also help us understand what products are high in demand, and when the vending machines need to be restocked and replenished.

Healthy Vending Machines

SR Vending Solutions offers Healthy Vending Solutions in Central Florida for schools, offices and business facilities so customers can enjoy a healthy and fresh snack without worrying about a calorie overdose! Healthy Vending Machines vend nutritious snacks like nuts, baked chips, diet colas, and healthier alternatives to all snacking items! Choose our Heathy Vending Machines in Central Florida and let your crowd enjoy a healthy snack on the go!

Candy And Snack Vending Machine

Great for apartments, retail stores and schools, our Candy and snack Vending Machine offers Central Florida the best collection of delicious candies, chips, muffins, nuts, wafers, pretzels, and etc! We can stock a huge variety of candies and snacks from different brand names that not only the kids but adults love too! We stock and replenish the vending machines as we receive the signal that the inventory level is running low. So your customers will never experience empty shelves!

Drinks Vending Machines

We offer drinks Vending Machines in Central Florida for apartments, retail stores and even offices to make break room time more interactive and engaging. From regular and diet versions of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Lipton Iced Tea, variety of sodas, and Gatorade. We provide a number of options for your customers including mineral water! Each of your customer will find something that matches his or her preference!

All our drinks vending machines offer chilled drinks to customers so no customer goes unhappy! The automatic system allows us to get signals when the inventory is running low and needs to be restocked.