Snack and Candy Vending Machines

SR Vending Solutions offers top quality Snack and Beverage Vending Machines in Florida for businesses, schools, apartments and retail stores, etc. Our dependable and responsive service has made us Florida’s preferred vending management service.

Offering the most fresh & flavorsome snacks!

Our snack vending machines are installed with smart technology that allows us to collect data on customer preferences and product demand. Once we understand your customer needs, we are then able to serve you in a better manner and ensure no customer goes disappointed!

All our Snack Vending Machines and Beverage Vending Machines in Florida are equipped with automated systems that signal the operator to replenish the products when the inventory level is running low. Also, our smart vending machines can detect temperature and put products on high demand accordingly. E.g., on a hot day, the snack vending machine will offer cold snacks and light meals that are great to beat the heat.

Select from a huge variety of candies!

SR Vending Solutions provides Candy Vending Machines in Florida that offer a huge variety of candies from different brand name companies that children and adults love alike! All the products are delivered fresh and replaced with fresh inventory to ensure your customers get only the best quality products and nothing less!

Our vending machines are ideal to meet your break-room needs! Your employees can instantly enjoy a quick snack by popping the currency in the vending machine to receive their favorite snack or candy. We

Find the best snack & candy vending machines in Florida!

SR Vending Solutions in Florida is home to be best vending machines for all offices, schools, apartments and stores! All our machines are easy to operate and give customers convenience and instant products that are fresh and flavorsome! Get in touch with us today at 407-522-3702 for the most efficient, reliable and dependable vending services! Our representatives will be glad to assist you!