Are your employees found at their workstations during lunch hour? Are they skipping breaks?

Are high calorie foods and meals the real reason why your employees are subconsciously skipping actual meals or not taking breaks for a quick meal? Well, to answer all your queries, and to stay healthy, healthy snack machines in Florida are making raves!

Why You Need to Install a Snack Vending Machine at Your Office

As an employer, it is essential for you to understand the equation – healthy employees equal to happy employees and happy employees tend to bring better results at workplace which in turn translate into profit. While this equation may sound like a farfetched one, it is certainly true that employees who are happy at work perform better.

Having small snack vending machines that offer healthier snack alternatives like baked chips, nuts, fresh fruits and juices, salads, and vegetables and other organic foods that are power packed with nutrition can encourage employees to take midday breaks and also create a habit of clean eating.

Encouraging Employees to Take a Break

Most employees in America either skip the midday meal on purpose or just forget to take a break as they have their heads in a huge pile of work. Taking fewer breaks may be seen as a positive sign from the perspective of an employer, but that truly may not be the case.

Change of environment can have a positive impact on the mind and body and can encourage creative thinking. It relaxes the mind, and rejuvenates the senses. Offering healthy snack alternatives to employees can encourage them to take short breaks and be productive and active throughout the day.

Creating a welcoming and relaxing break room environment can also encourage employees to take lunch breaks. This is ever so important for managers as they may be unconsciously skipping meal times due to immense work pressure. Therefore, it is important to create a break room culture, or a lunch hour break culture at work.

Also, you may encourage other activities during those breaks like taking a walk outdoors, games in the break rooms and encouraging a friendly yet professional and healthy environment.

Having snack vending machines in your break room can also be a great point of interaction for employees and can work as a quick way to refresh the mind before they return to their workstations again for long hours.

So even if your employees aren’t taking a break to grab lunch, they’ll surely be willing to get hold of a fresh and healthy alternative that is low on calorie and high on nutrition!