Vending Machines

Providing the Best Vending Machines in Florida!

SR Vending Solutions has been providing the finest quality of Vending Machines in Florida. As a one window solution company for all your vending needs, we offer vending machines in different sizes i.e. large and small vending machines in Florida to match your vending requirements.

All our vending machines come with safety features; steel cabinets, antitheft designs, and theft-proof glass, which ensure that the currency, product and equipment are safe and secure. Also, our new vending machines come with temperature adjustment options. This allows operators to control the temperatures of different trays; upper trays are best for storing food items, while the bottom ones can be kept at lower temperatures to store drinks and keep them chilled.

SR Vending Solutions has been promoting healthier living in schools, workplaces, apartments, retail stores and other business facilities through Healthy Vending Machines in Florida. We understand the importance of healthy eating, thus we stock up our machines with healthier alternatives like nuts, baked chips, and snacks that are low on calorie and high on nutrition.

All our equipment is installed with smart technology that can automatically detect low levels of inventory and signal the operator to replenish the products at the earliest to ensure customer convenience. So whether you have a healthy vending machine, soda vending machine, we’ve got it covered for you with first class service and prompt restocking of products that please your crowd!

Find new vending machines in Florida!

Are you looking for a small vending machine for apartments, retail stores, or office? Get in touch with SR Vending Solutions today at 407-522-3702 for the most efficient and dependable vending services in Florida. We’ll be glad to help you find the right kind of vending machine that matches you needs and budget!